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Bee d’Vine: Savor the Hive’s Finest Honey Wine

Welcome to Bee d’Vine, where we invite you to indulge in the exquisite flavors of our honey wine. Made from pure honey fermentation, our craft honey-based drinks offer a unique and vibrant alternative to traditional grape wines. With each sip, you’ll discover the remarkable taste of mead, a honey wine that showcases the diverse flavors of varietal honey.

At Bee d’Vine, we believe that great wine starts with exceptional ingredients. That’s why we carefully source our honey from different nectar flows, ensuring that each variety of our honey wine has its own distinct flavor profile. From the rich sweetness of raspberry to the earthy notes of meadowfoam pumpkin, our honey wine collection offers a taste for every palate.

Co-owned by Camille and Henry Storch, Bee d’Vine is dedicated to the art of honey wine making. We understand that every hive produces a unique flavor profile, influenced by the specific floral origin of the honey. By keeping each hive’s products separate, we can offer you a truly artisanal wine experience, providing information about the nectar source and the bees’ feeding habits. Our honey-infused beverages, meticulously crafted, bring out the best of nature’s bounty.

Not only are we passionate about creating exceptional honey wine, but we’re also committed to the preservation of honeybees. Henry Storch, a full-time beekeeper, breeds and sells Oregon bees, contributing to their population and overall conservation efforts. When you choose Bee d’Vine, you’re not only choosing a delicious and natural beverage, but you’re also supporting sustainable beekeeping practices and the vital role honeybees play in our ecosystem.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bee d’Vine offers a unique and flavorful honey wine made from pure honey fermentation.
  • Each variety of honey wine is crafted from carefully sourced honey, resulting in distinct flavor profiles.
  • Bee d’Vine embraces the art of honey wine making, showcasing the diverse flavors available in varietal honey.
  • By supporting Bee d’Vine, you’re also contributing to the preservation of honeybees and sustainable beekeeping practices.

The Art of Honey Wine Making

The process of making Bee d’Vine honey wine is an artisanal craft that combines the ancient tradition of honey mead with modern techniques. We take pride in creating exquisite honey-infused beverages through the delicate process of honey fermentation. Our commitment to quality begins with the careful selection of each hive’s nectar source, ensuring that the honey used in our wines is derived from a specific floral origin.

By keeping the products of each hive separate, we are able to offer our customers a truly unique experience. We provide detailed information about where our honey came from and what the bees were feeding on, allowing you to embark on a journey of flavors that reflect the diverse landscapes they call home. This attention to detail results in a wide range of honey wine varieties, each with its own distinct flavor profile.

At Bee d’Vine, we believe that honey wine should be an expression of artistry and creativity. Our skilled team of winemakers, led by Camille and Henry Storch, tirelessly experiment with various honey sources and fermentation techniques to capture the essence of the honey in every bottle. From the light and floral notes of our raspberry honey wine to the rich and aromatic meadowfoam pumpkin, each sip is a testament to the harmonious marriage of honey and fermentation.

Our dedication to the art of honey wine making goes beyond creating delicious beverages. We strive to promote the appreciation of artisanal wine and its unique qualities. Through our honey-infused creations, we invite you to embark on a sensory journey that celebrates the beauty of nature’s gifts and the craftsmanship of our wine artisans.

The Different Honey Wine Varieties Offered by Bee d’Vine

VarietyFlavor Profile
Raspberry Honey WineLight and floral with hints of raspberry
Meadowfoam Pumpkin Honey WineRich and aromatic, with notes of pumpkin spice
Coriander Honey WineHerbaceous and savory, with a hint of citrus
Parsley and Mint Honey WineRefreshing and vibrant, reminiscent of a garden

Supporting the Honeybee Population

In addition to crafting exceptional honey wine, Bee d’Vine is committed to supporting the honeybee population. Henry Storch, a full-time beekeeper, has been breeding and selling Oregon bees as part of our beekeeping practice.

This is essential, as honeybees are facing numerous threats, including habitat loss, toxins, diseases, and other factors. Our dedication to sustainable beekeeping practices helps protect these vital pollinators, ensuring the future of our ecosystem.

When you purchase our honey-based drinks and honey-infused beverages, you are not only indulging in a delicious and natural craft honey wine but also supporting the conservation efforts of these incredible creatures. Together, we can make a difference in preserving the honeybee population and their critical role in our environment. Join us in enjoying the delightful flavors of Bee d’Vine while contributing to the well-being of these extraordinary pollinators!

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