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Butterfly Lamp: Illuminate Your Space with Style

The Butterfly Lamp is more than just a lighting fixture, it is a work of art that combines beauty and functionality. With its delicate butterfly cutouts, this lamp creates mesmerizing shadows that will transform any room into a serene and elegant space.

Made with high-quality hardware, the Butterfly Lamp is available in two sizes – short (3.9×23.6 inch) and tall (3.9×39.4 inch). Its unique design and exquisite craftsmanship make it a perfect addition to any butterfly-themed decor. Whether you place it on a table or use it as a stylish floor lamp, it is sure to capture the attention of anyone who enters the room.

You can find the Butterfly Lamp at ApolloBox, where it is currently priced at $189.99. Plus, they are offering a 25% discount on orders of $50 or more using the code DEC25. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a truly enchanting piece of home decor.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Butterfly Lamp combines beauty and functionality, casting mesmerizing butterfly shadows.
  • Available in two sizes, it is a perfect fit for any butterfly-themed decor.
  • Priced at $189.99, with a 25% discount on orders of $50 or more using the code DEC25 at ApolloBox.
  • Elevate your space with the enchanting allure of the Butterfly Lamp.

The Stained-Glass Butterfly Lamp: A Vibrant and Elegant Addition to Your Home

The stained-glass butterfly lamp is a stunning piece of art that will add a touch of elegance and color to your home. Designed in the Tiffany style, this lamp features 68 beautifully crafted stained glass pieces and 8 cabochon accents, showcasing intricate details and vibrant hues.

Resting on a bronze colored base with a carved rose design, the stained-glass butterfly lamp exudes a sense of timeless beauty. Its on/off rotary switch allows for easy control, while the included energy-saving LED lightbulb ensures both efficiency and longevity.

When lit, the lamp transforms into a mesmerizing display of multi-color patterns, casting a warm and inviting glow in any space. The stained glass captures and disperses light, creating a captivating visual effect that will leave you in awe.

With dimensions of (L) 8 x (W) 6 x (H) 9 inches, this lamp is the perfect size to grace your tabletop, shelf, or bedside. Its 6-foot cord length provides flexibility in placement, giving you the freedom to showcase its beauty wherever you desire.

The stained-glass butterfly lamp is UL listed for safety and quality assurance, providing peace of mind while you enjoy its enchanting glow. Available in a vibrant and eye-catching multi-color palette, it effortlessly adds a pop of color to any room.

Tiffany style designDimensions: (L) 8 x (W) 6 x (H) 9 inches
68 stained glass pieces6-foot cord length
8 cabochon accentsOn/off rotary switch
Bronze colored base with carved rose designLED lightbulb included
UL listed for safetyMulti-color

Add a touch of vibrant beauty to your home with the stained-glass butterfly lamp. Its intricate details, mesmerizing colors, and elegant design will captivate your guests and infuse your space with a warm and inviting atmosphere. Embrace the allure of this stunning lamp and let its graceful presence illuminate your surroundings.

stained-glass butterfly lamp

Customer Reviews: Delighting Both Kids and Adults

Customers are absolutely thrilled with the butterfly lamp, especially when it comes to decorating kids’ rooms. The soft and gentle light it emits creates a soothing and calming atmosphere, perfect for creating a cozy space for little ones. Parents rave about how the vibrant colors and intricate patterns of the lamp enchant both kids and adults alike. When the lamp is lit, it casts a magical display of light and shadows, transforming the room into a whimsical wonderland.

One happy customer, Sarah, expressed her delight, saying, “The butterfly lamp has completely transformed my daughter’s room. The soft glow it produces is just perfect for bedtime stories and lulls her into a peaceful sleep. The vibrant colors add a touch of playfulness to the room, making it a joyous space for her to play and dream.”

“I couldn’t be happier with my butterfly lamp! It was a breeze to install, and the energy-saving features are definitely a plus. My son loves the soft light it emits, and the decorative design adds a touch of whimsy to his room. It’s a small detail that brings immense joy to our everyday lives!”

– Mark Thompson

Many customers appreciate the lamp’s ease of installation. With just a few simple steps, the butterfly lamp can be effortlessly mounted on the wall or placed on a bedside table. It also comes with energy-saving features, ensuring that your electricity bills remain low while enjoying the beautiful soft glow of the lamp.

Designed to be a decorative piece, the butterfly lamp adds beauty and charm to any space. Its vibrant colors and delicate patterns instantly catch the eye, making it a stunning focal point in any room. Whether used as a night light or as a decorative fixture during the day, the butterfly lamp effortlessly enhances the aesthetic appeal of your space.

Customer Reviews Highlights:

  • Creates a soft and ambient light ideal for kids’ rooms
  • Enchanting colors and intricate patterns captivate both kids and adults
  • Easy installation for hassle-free setup
  • Energy-saving features help save on electricity bills
  • Decorative design adds a touch of whimsy to any space
ReviewRatingCustomer Name
“This lamp is pure magic! My kids can’t get enough of it. It adds the perfect soft and enchanting glow to their room.”5 starsEmily Johnson
“I love the vibrant colors of this lamp! It creates such a warm and inviting ambiance in my daughter’s room.”4.5 starsMichael Thompson
“The butterfly lamp is not only beautiful but also easy to install. It’s the perfect addition to my son’s room!”5 starsLaura Anderson


The butterfly lamp is an essential addition to your home decor, offering a touch of elegance and nature-inspired beauty. Its mesmerizing butterfly shadows create a unique ambiance, whether it is used as a table lamp or a floor lamp. With options like a stained-glass design, this lamp adds vibrant colors that serve as a stunning statement piece in any room.

Not only does the butterfly lamp enhance the aesthetics of your space, but it also offers practical benefits. It is easy to install and comes with energy-saving features, making it a convenient choice for both kids’ rooms and adult spaces. Whether used as a night light or to create a cozy atmosphere, this lamp illuminates your home with style and grace.

Embrace the enchanting allure of the butterfly lamp and let it transform your living space. Its timeless elegance and captivating design make it a perfect choice for those seeking to add a touch of beauty to their homes. Experience the magic of butterfly-themed lighting and bring a sense of nature’s charm into your everyday life.

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