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Unleash Speed with GW2 Roller Beetle Guide

The Roller Beetle mount in Guild Wars 2 is a game-changer when it comes to traversing the vast landscapes of Tyria. This unique and fast-paced mount can be obtained through the “Long Live the Lich” episode of the Living World Season 4. Once you unlock the Roller Beetle, you’ll have access to its incredible speed and agility, allowing you to explore the world like never before.

Key Takeaways

  • Unlock the Roller Beetle mount by completing collections and achievements in the “Long Live the Lich” episode.
  • Master the Roller Beetle’s unique movement abilities, including speed boosts, drifting, and airborne tricks.
  • The Roller Beetle mount provides a swift and versatile means of transportation, enhancing your gaming experience in Guild Wars 2.
  • Participate in roller beetle races and explore the world of Tyria with increased speed and agility.
  • Make the most of the Roller Beetle mount to navigate various terrains and conquer new challenges in Guild Wars 2.

How to Unlock the Roller Beetle Mount

To unlock the Roller Beetle mount in Guild Wars 2, you’ll need to complete a series of collections and achievements. Follow these steps to obtain this speedy companion:

  1. Begin by completing the “High Roller” achievement. To do this, speak with Spearmarshal Zaelm during the third mission of the “Long Live the Lich” story quest.
  2. After completing the achievement, the first collection will become available. This collection involves obtaining nine items scattered throughout the Domain of Kourna.
  3. The second and third collections can be unlocked by collecting items from various locations in Domain of Kourna, Central Tyria, and the Crystal Desert.
  4. Once you have successfully completed all three collections, the Roller Beetle mount will be unlocked and ready to ride!

Remember to check your achievements panel for progress and to track your collection items. Happy mounting!

how to get roller beetle gw2

Note: The image above showcases the Roller Beetle mount in action, demonstrating its incredible speed and agility.

Mastering the Roller Beetle Mount

After unlocking the Roller Beetle mount, you can take your skills to the next level by mastering three specific abilities that will enhance your control and movement options. These masteries are essential for becoming a true roller beetle racer in Guild Wars 2!

The Roller Beetle Mastery Abilities:

  1. Speed Boost
  2. Drift Ability
  3. Aerial Tricks

Let’s take a closer look at each of these abilities:

Speed Boost

One of the core abilities of the roller beetle mount is the Speed Boost. By activating this ability, you consume endurance to receive a temporary increase in speed. This can be incredibly useful when you’re trying to outpace your opponents in roller beetle races or simply traverse the open world at a lightning-fast pace.

Drift Ability

The Drift Ability allows you to perform sharp turns while maintaining your current trajectory. By utilizing this technique, you can rotate the roller beetle at high speeds without changing your direction. Mastering the drift ability is crucial for navigating tight corners, maneuvering around obstacles, or showing off your racing skills.

Aerial Tricks

When you’re airborne with the roller beetle mount, you have the opportunity to showcase your style by performing aerial tricks. By holding down the spacebar, you can execute flips, spins, and other impressive maneuvers. Although they don’t provide any additional gameplay benefits, aerial tricks are a fantastic way to add flair to your roller beetle races or simply enjoy the thrill of acrobatics.

Remember, the roller beetle mount does not have a fixed running speed. The terrain and your actions can influence its movement speed. Experiment with different techniques, learn the intricacies of each mastery ability, and find the optimal strategies for achieving victory in roller beetle races or simply having a blast exploring the world of Guild Wars 2.

Get ready to conquer new challenges, set new records, and become a master roller beetle racer in Guild Wars 2!


The Roller Beetle mount in Guild Wars 2 provides players with a thrilling and efficient mode of transportation. By unlocking this unique mount and mastering its movement abilities, you can explore the vast world of Tyria with incredible speed and agility. Whether you’re embarking on adrenaline-pumping roller beetle races, engaging in dynamic events, or simply traversing the breathtaking landscapes of Guild Wars 2, the Roller Beetle mount is a game-changer.

With its impressive acceleration and remarkable maneuverability, the Roller Beetle mount ensures that you’ll never miss out on the action. Zoom past your friends and rivals as you blaze through the various terrains of Guild Wars 2. The Roller Beetle’s mastery of drift allows you to effortlessly navigate sharp turns and tricky obstacles, giving you an edge in both races and exploration.

Furthermore, the Roller Beetle mount offers exciting opportunities for customization and mastery. By unlocking specific roller beetle masteries, you can unlock new movement abilities and control options. This allows you to fine-tune your playstyle and showcase your skills as you perform daring tricks and stunts while airborne, leaving other adventurers in awe.

So why wait? Get ready to rev up your adventures and experience the thrill of speed with the GW2 Roller Beetle mount. Embark on new quests, conquer challenging terrains, and make your mark in the world of Guild Wars 2. The Roller Beetle mount awaits you!

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